There are more out there

This is Isabelle. As you know, we had a little break and took some time off. Not really off, we were just more focussed on the laboratory work. One reason being, there seem to have been no sightings for a while. Or at least none that we know about. So I spent some time with Daniel as we were trying to refit our gear to the circumstances. It seems like what happens whenever we encounter a Polygonyx as we did, there is a strong electromagnetic field or wave, that disrupts all the electronics. We were able to produce similar conditions in our lab and tested some materials that would shield our electrical equipment. It makes it a bit unwieldy, but it hopefully works.

What we also found is, when we opened up the equipment for repairings, we noticed some kind of residue on the parts. It’s like there is an imprint now on the circuit boards of the camera. I also had one analogue camera with me and the same has happened to the film. There are the same kinds of hieroglyphs now on it, similar to the ones we found, when we visited the sites of the spotted Hawkatrons. It is like this electromagnetic wave leaves an imprint on several materials. It is not only digital. But it seems to be attracted by everything electric. Like it has some kind of X-ray-vision for it.

But our cosy work at the laboratory will be over soon. Tomorrow we’ll be leaving. This time to Africa, undisclosed location. I’m excited. Never been there, always wanted to… Maybe we will have some time to see the scenery as well.

~ Day 3 in Africa

This is Isabelle again. We arrived at the village where some new Polygonyx had been spotted. We had no problems so far. The people are very kind here. They wear these strange hats around here, that remind me of the pharaohs of ancient egypt. One woman here told me, they wear those to mimic a certain hairstyle, that was a custom here a long time ago. They call it “Isicholo”. Obasi, who is kind of the mayor of this village here, will be escorting us to the location of the sighting tomorrow.

~ Day 5 in Africa

Due to heavy rain, we couldn’t leave here yesterday. We are at the location now. I cannot say much about it yet. Our confidentiality level just got raised. All I can say is, these beings are amazing. You have to see them. We found two new species.

I will upload the data-files this evening, when we comeback. You should be able to see them on the blockchain then. I will leave you with some pictures from out tours until then.

I will get back at you soon. Additional info on our safe channels.

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