This is Isabelle. We were facing some interruptions in communication. Seems our radio equipment is absolutly useless after our last encounter. I’m still schocked, because I cannot explain what happened in that cave… Paul said that we had to build some kind of farady-cage for our electronic equipment, to shield it from the electromagnetic impact, or whatever you want to call it. So Paul and Vanessa drove to the next bigger city to get some material for it, while me and Daniel were evaluating the data.

So, as we told you last time, we were driving further up the mountain and got to that cave, where the residents reported of the strange occurences. Some talked about strange sounds, others about some light phenomenons. The first thing that I remember was these awful headaches I got, as we got near. I’ve been having some headaches before, but nothing like this. Not that it was worse, it was just different.

We got into the cave, we had to take our flashlights. We discovered the first Hawkatron almost right at the entry. It was another head and polygons were moving around it. Like they fell off of it, or are they re-arranging…?! At least that’s what I was asking myself. Further into the cave we found others. At one point there was a junction that led outside, it was like a hole was in the mountain on top and daylight came through. It was like a little hidden oasis with some trees. There was a pear tree as well, which was very unusual. They taste was fantastic. Right across from us was another little waterfall and an entrance that led to another cave, or maybe the same. After our little break at our little oasis, we went to inspect the new entrance…

When we entered we noticed a certain glow inside. And the deeper we got in, we noticed we didn’t need our flashlights anymore. It was like the cave was glowing from some kind of bioluminescence. Which couldn’t really be, because the organisms that would be necessary for this should not exist here…

I was busy with taking some pictures, I tried to capture the lights in this cave, as good as it got. I must have been so lost in thought while doing so, because I cannot really tell you how long one of these things took. How long I was photographing, or how long we were outside. All I know is when I rushed to Paul, when I heard him say “Oh my god!”. I was worried at first, but then I saw what he meant…Ther were polygons all around the cave, they were flying through the air and were all arranging at one spot. Around the head of one Hawkatron. They were assembling to a full body. We were all standing there in awe, because it looked so amazing.

That was when things escalated quickly.. I was taking photographs of it, while we heard something. Like a howling roaring through the tunnels of the cave. Then it felt like a breeze, that got stronger and stronger… like a slow but steady crescendo. Then, all of a sudden, it was like a blast. Like an explosion if light, I have no other words to describe it. It went through the whole cave. It was a purple light. And then we all saw, where it was coming from. There was a flying Hawkatron that was floating before our eyes. I couldn’t move, no one could. I was not understanding what was happening, nor was I able to think about what was happening. It was looking at us, while its wings made these sounds. It was like it was flying in slow motion. I cannot forget that stare on his face…. then, as quick as it happened, it was over and it disappeared. I cannot tell you where it went. The last thing I remember was another one of those bursts of light and it was like it filled the whole walls of the cave.

All I can tell you is, I got it on camera. Either I don’t remember or someone else used it. Also my camera was spared for some reason. It almost feels to me, as if it was intentionally.

I cannot tell you what happened, but everyone that was in the cave agreed on what we saw. If it was a hallucination, it was a collective one.


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