Back on the road

This is Isabelle. We couldn’t reach out sooner. As you know communications & electronics get interrupted, when being near the Symblons. As I reported two weeks ago, Miguel led us to the spot at the waterfall, where the Hawkatron has been spotted. We found three of them. One was hiding behind the waterfall. It was only a tiny spot in the rocks that was shining through, we had to organzize a pickaxe to excavate it.. after all it seems we’re becoming real archeologists here. Only we don’t understand what we’re unearthing here. Another one was on the top of the mountain above the waterfall. Another one was a bit further away. We deciphered the codes and got them all on the blockchain…

As I’m writing you, we’re back on the road, heading to the next location, where some more Polygonyx seem to have been observed. As always, we cannot reveal the location. I made this picture along the way, when we had a short stop. When I look around me, it seems like the environment doesn’t fit here. Not in this country, not in this geological area.. like something is constantly changing. And I have the feeling the animals are watching us, or maybe only may in particular. Might be a bit paranoid as well though. But since we found these things, a lot more strange things that don’t surprise me, can be added to the list…

We reach back, as soon as we can…

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