Volcanic ashes and distant rainbows

This is Daniel. It is day 3 here being here with the team. We set up our tents & gear near this pleateau one mile away from the recently erupted volcano. The dust has settled and it seems at a stand still now, but you never know, we have to be careful. Luckily we have Jonathan with us, he’s a geologist. We first drove to the near town here, to ask the locals about the sighting of the Symbolons around the volcano. They told us about 3 locations where they found the Polygonyx and tried to make out on the map where that is or find someone, who would be willing to guide us to the spots. We were lucky. Despite the translation problems we encounter we found Miguel, who led us to the first Symbolon…

… we found two on the rocks that had cooled off already. For some reason we weren’t able to photograph the other one. Electronics seem to do wild stuff being near to Polygonyx, this has been reported over and over. But we could photograph the first one. As you can see, it has this glowing “aura” around it like the other ones, that had been discovered. Sometimes they do seem like to dissolve into thin air. Just for splitseconds, or maybe glitch is the better word… like there is a mistake in the animation or what you want to call it. Isabelle was able to get this one on the blockchain thanks to decoding the hieroglyphs…

There is this waterfall on the other side of the volcano. South from here there should be the other two Symbolons. But we already found two in the one location, so there’s gotta be four in total here. We will see. All I can say is, the environment feels different when Polygonyx are nearby… there is a strange weather here. I saw these very intense rainbows. When walking around here I do sometimes catch myself asking myself if I might be on another planet. Something is different, yet I cannot explain.

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