We found more hieroglyphs

We know that the hieroglyphs appear alongside with the Symbolons. Most of the time directly next to them. Sometimes somewhere in the near surroundings. They have kind of glow arround them, almost like neon-lights. They appear to be a digital projection on a physical object, while at the same time they’re not. You have to see it for yourself, to understand that…

We’re out here with the Polygonyx explorer team at last location the hieroglyphs were spotted. We’re able to understand more of them. It’s hard to decipher them, because our known algorhythms don’t really apply to them. The way we understand language. It is like the language of these hierglyphs has multiple layers and the most interesting fact is… they are not inconsistent with one another. Quite the opposite, they complement one another.

They all seem to have a headline and a word wrapping. If our translation is correct, these hierglyphs tell about a certain code, which we call the “genesis-code”. We have yet to find out, what this code is all about…

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